Poponcini Bit Simple Snaffle


This bit is often suitable for horses that struggle to accept a conventional metal bit, and those with light or sensitive mouths that can nevertheless become strong and need a little extra control. The soft, elastic nature of the mouthpiece dissuades the horse from pulling and fighting the contact, as it is so gentle there is little for the horse to object to.

This kind of snaffle is suitable for horses with a strong mouth. It is reinforced in order to allow the ring to rotate.

NOTE: Because Poponcini bits are so soft, we give no warranty on these bits!
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Poponcini Bit Simple Snaffle are made in Italy. These bits are distinguished by having an extremely soft mouthpiece.  A ~P~ bit is made of a steel wire, and a brass bushing at the ends. A plastic layer is cast around. Then a special silicone layer is applied, by hand, that is not toxic to your horse. This assembly ensures optimum comfort for the horse’s mouth.
The line of ~P~ bits made of this soft material, is also known as the HARMONY line.



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Blue, Black


Harmony2- Medium Flexibility


125mm-5", 135mm-5.5", 145mm- 6"